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Columbine High School Volleyball

congratulations vARSITy!!

Columbine girls volleyball captures the 5A Region 4 title! 

Read the article posted here on our Regional wins against Loveland and Denver East

Rebel Volleyball finished tied for 3rd at the State Tournament this year.


Upcoming Events

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2021 Tryouts

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2021 Match Schedule


Fall 2021 Season Updates

As of 7/29/2021:


Fall Season UPDATE

We have two more open gyms before tryouts - Monday, August 2nd and Wednesday, August 4th! 

We are leveling our open gym during this week.  We will offer a Beginner Open Gym and an Advanced Open gym.  The reason for this is to provide more level appropriate instruction for player's skill level.  


Beginner Open Gym (3:30 pm to 5:00 pm): Should include many of our first time players with beginner skill base, we will provide foundational instruction for skills and game play. All incoming freshmen should sign up for the beginner open gym.  We have quite a few freshman and we would like to see them all together at the Beginner Open gym; we may ask some of the more advanced players to stay for all or part of the Advanced open gym.  

Advanced Open Gym (5:00 pm to 6:30 pm): Players who have intermediate to advanced skill base. We will provide advanced skill instruction and game play.


Tryouts will be held August 9th, 10th, and 11th from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.  Tryouts will be our best opportunity to make sure a player is evaluated fairly with potential to be placed on the proper team.  Missing a day (or more) of tryouts may effect your team placement.

Check out the Fall 2021 Page for more details and information!


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*Above all else, give 100% effort and focus in everything you do.

*Remember at all times – THIS IS A GAME – and should be fun to play.

*This is your gym; treat it like a second home.

*If you are not early, you are late.

*When you are here, you are “All In”.

*Balls belong in carts, not on the floor (always be shagging).

*Play aware of your surroundings.

*Do not walk in the gym.

*If a coach or fellow teammate is talking, you are not.

*Self-talk is real talk – keep it forward, keep it real, keep it positive.

*Be Loud. Be Proud. Better the Ball.

*Be willing to fail.

*No such thing as “can’t” in this gym.

*Know a real reason to say “Sorry”.

*Don’t give feedback just to give feedback: Nice Touch, Good Try.

Remember someone is always watching.  Your attitude, excitement, actions and reactions have an impact on you, your team, and younger athletes.


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