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2021 Season is in full swing! 

Remember, there will NOT be a bus to transport athletes to away matches.  All athletes will need to ensure they have a ride to/from away matches.  Please arrive 20 min before your scheduled match start time. 

Upcoming Events


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2021 Tryouts

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2021 Match Schedule

Spring 2021 Season Updates

As of 3/14/2021: 

Schedules have been updated as of today.  Please double check that you have the most up-to-date schedule Information.  Match times for several levels have changed.  We are expecting another update to the schedule in the next week or so. We will post the updates as soon as possible.

Welcome meeting for players and parents will be held on Monday 3/15/2021 at 6:00 pm via zoom.  Invitations will be sent out by Monday. Please keep an eye on your email.  We will discuss important information for the season.  Please plan on having at least one parent and the athlete attend. 

 As we've become masters of flexibility, we need to continue to expect the unexpected through the season.  Playing in the spring brings a whole new set of unpredictable circumstances (#snowmageddon2021). We will work to keep this website updated with current information throughout the season. Also follow us on Facebook for updated information. 




*Above all else, give 100% effort and focus in everything you do.

*Remember at all times – THIS IS A GAME – and should be fun to play.

*This is your gym; treat it like a second home.

*If you are not early, you are late.

*When you are here, you are “All In”.

*Balls belong in carts, not on the floor (always be shagging).

*Play aware of your surroundings.

*Do not walk in the gym.

*If a coach or fellow teammate is talking, you are not.

*Self-talk is real talk – keep it forward, keep it real, keep it positive.

*Be Loud. Be Proud. Better the Ball.

*Be willing to fail.

*No such thing as “can’t” in this gym.

*Know a real reason to say “Sorry”.

*Don’t give feedback just to give feedback: Nice Touch, Good Try.

Remember someone is always watching.  Your attitude, excitement, actions and reactions have an impact on you, your team, and younger athletes.


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